Entitled Protests: The High Maintenance Generation

Millennials are building a portfolio of failed protests. Campus protests originally were purposeful and significant. In the 60’s, students were demonstrating their beliefs on important topics like civil rights, the draft and the Vietnam War. Their goal was to stand together to ensure all were granted the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

As the personality of those protesting has shifted, so has the nature of the protests.

Some are saying that a spirit of entitlement has replaced the spirit of improvement. A dramatic shift from “we” to “me” has influenced college campuses across the nation.

Millennial college students are being called entitled by those observing their actions from the sidelines.

Students at Harvard University gathered to protest the schools efforts in supporting the Mental Health needs of the students. Counselling the school provided wasn’t enough. Students claimed they deserved higher quality counselling and more treatment options from the school because they paid a hefty tuition.

Small groups of students assembled around the country on various campuses as part of the “Million Student March.” The basis of their protest was free higher education and freedom from debt. The protest fell short of their “million” as only small groups showed up to protest.Outside of Southern Maine Community College 12 students showed up.At the University of California, there were 20 students.

There are many more examples of Millennials entitled protests that have failed to draw attention and change.

So where has the power of college protests gone? Stephen Moore of The Washington Post thinks it has been lost because millennials are acting like whinny children who want to have their way. He says that Millennials who don’t get their way throw a fit and call it a demonstration. They feel entitled to the world and, in his eyes, are willing to take the rights of others to meet their own needs.

Those watching Millennials demonstrate and protest about their “me” problems, don’t want to hire what they are calling “the high maintenance generation.”




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