Entitlement in the Workplace

With reputations preceding them, Millennials are receiving a cold welcome into the professional world.

The professional world is witnessing a generation full of confident, entitled young talent that expects promotions within the first year. Bosses do not know how they should handle those who throw fits if they do not get paid high wages or get promotions within the first year. 

Within the workplace as well, there are many that are dealing with mental and emotional issues. This is pulling employees away from work. It is reported that more millennials than ever before are reporting mental illness. While this is necessary for treatment, it does put problems in the workplace. Bosses do not have all their employees at work. Other employees are having to cover for those absent or the companies goals suffer.

There is also the concern that Millennials will be endlessly chasing a dream and success by changing jobs frequently. While on their search, they fail to settle and devote time and energy to their careers.

With all these concerns on the minds of bosses, they are trying to put emphasis on the strengths that millennials bring.

Because Millennials have been validated in their every protest, request, and demand, they are full of confidence and creativity. Millennials are also equally equipped with skills in technology.

It will be up to the bosses of the millennial generation to figure out how to handle the entitled generation.




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