Millennials Future

What does the future hold if entitlement captures today?

Millennials, such as myself, are described as self centered, entitled, and overly confident. Our whole lives, we have been protected, rewarded, and praised. As we were rewarded for coming in last and given a trophy just for participation, something completely unintentional happened and a new personality developed. 

Now, as millennials are coming of age and taking their place in society, many do not know what to do to manage them. Protests and workplace entitlement have created a certain stigma about millennials. Many are dreading a future lead by millennials.

Bruce Tulgan, author and researcher, wrote a book titled, “Not Everyone Gets a Trophy : How to Manage Generation Y (2).” In this book, he discusses millennials and the possibilities they hold both for good and bad. In regards to millennials in the workplace, Tulgan says,

“Yes, Millennials will be more difficult to recruit, retain, motivate, and manage than any other new generation to enter the workforce. But this will also be the most high-performing workforce in history for those who know how to manage them properly.”

Tulgan see potential in the millennial generation. Efforts need to be placed on finding millennials strengths and working with them.

Millennials are “tech savey” and full of new ideas. They are confident and want to find success. In many ways, the stereo-types used against them are also some of the best things about them.

This article discusses 4 ways to train and utilize the millennial generation. By tapping into the skills that millennials learned in a safe “coddled” environment, managers and millennials together can succeed.

If managed and trained correctly, millennials can rise from the negative stigma that suffocates their progress. Here is a list of 3 millennial traits that can be beneficial in the workplace. Every employer wants goal driven, organized, and disciplined employees-many, however, fail to see millennials as such.

Millennials have all the potential to succeed, they just need to trusted with the opportunity.



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